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Industrial Label Printing Systems; Barcode & RFID Data Capture

HUB Auto ID Ltd

HUB Auto ID help organisations to work smarter with user friendly solutions that can identify, track & trace anything that's used or found in the workplace. Barcode & RFID technology are proven to be the most accurate and efficient way to capture and process data and with these technologies you can keep track of virtually anything such as Goods, High Value Assets or even Personnel for safety & security purposes. Auto ID systems streamline production processes, simplify distribution supply chains & help to maintain effective quality control systems by reducing manual errors.

Our solutions can be completely independent stand alone systems hosted either locally or Cloud based, or can be component parts of a more comprehensive WMS or ERP system that include: Label Printing or Barcode Scanning hardware, Configuration & Remote Management software, Consumable Goods and also a wide range of comprehensive wrap around support services. 

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With over 25 years industry experience, HUB Auto ID Ltd can offer you their expertise to provide efficient time saving improvements using a wide range of low cost smart & effective solutions that are suitable for use within any industrial environment.

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