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Keep an accuate track of any time linited or perishable goods with this simple low cost solution that uses barcodes to help manage your stock across multiple sites and locations.

StockAssist Inventory management software is designed to control products that have a limited shelf life and can help reduce the amount of waste and scrapped products in your stock room.

System Features:

  • Receive Goods - Print Labels & Scan into pre defined Stock location.
  • Stock Breakdowns - Convert large batches of stock into Individual SKU's
  • Stock Movements - Monitor all movements between stock locations
  • Issue Stock - Records all Serial & Batch Numbers issued for full traceability reporting
  • Batch Control - Automatic FIFO allocation of stock - Ideal for managing goods with a limited shelf life.
  • Stock Takes - Either for all locations or by individual locations
  • Reporting Suite - In built set of management reports via the PC web interface with a custom reports generator.

  • Fully compliant with current GS1 standards
  • Can be used with the Scan4Safety initiative
  • Controls stock using Expiry dates to reduce wastage
  • Can be used to control all types of stock items including Pharmaceticals, Medicines, Non Medical perishable goods and PPE.

Typical Pre Set Reports

  1. All Stock per SKU
  2. All Stock per Location
  3. Low Stock 
  4. Overstocked items
  5. Stock Take Data
  6. Mismatches
  7. All transactions between date range

Typical StockAssist  Starter Package:

  • StockAssist PC Management Software & Coud Database
  • 5 x User PC License
  • 1 x Handheld industrial device with integrated barcode scanner
  • 1 x Industrial Label Printer & Box of Label Media
  • 12 months web hosting and remote Technical Support
  • Installation & Full User Training
Package prices from £3995.00 + VAT


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