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Using clearly printed location labels helps to ensure that the correct locations are used whenever goods are put away in to storage or are required for Order Picking tasks. Our range of durable Vinyl and Polyester labels help to ensure that Locations are clearly marked and readable at a distance, and that the face material can be wiped clean whenever required without fear of smudges or smears.

We have two types of Racking & Bin location label solution available for any size of business, big or small:

Option 1.   Design, Print & Supply - We provide a comprehensive design and print service tailored to all your location labelling needs. Simply specify the preferred label size from the list below or provide details of any custom requirements, and we will produce high-resolution durable labels ready for application in your warehouse. 

Location Labels are available in a range of size and 3 main colours – White, Yellow & Orange.

Standard Sizes & Designs:


Option 2.
 Print Your Own Labels – If you have ongoing requirements for location labels then our in-house Label Printing solution may be a better suit for you. Consisting of a high-resolution thermal transfer printer, durable Gloss Polyester labels & Ink Rolls, and a label print Software package including a pre-designed label template. All necessary supplies and support are provided, with options for on-site installation available too, making the entire process seamless and simple.

Save time on designing labels with one of our own ready made label software templates. 

Standard Racking Label Sizes (H x W):

  • 20mm x 200mm
  • 25mm x 134mm*
  • 37mm x 144mm*
  • 50mm x 210mm
  • 50mm x 251mm
  • 74mm x 210mm
  • 76mm x 252mm
  • 88m x 295mm

*Recommended for use with 2D QR Code Only.

Standard Bin Label Size (H x W):

  • 12mm x 50mm
  • 25mm x 50mm
  • 25mm x 75mm

Note – Other label sizes are available on request.


Label Data Options:

  • 1D & 2D Barcodes
  • Check Digits
  • Alpha/numeric text for human readable locations
  • Directional Arrows
  • Custom Text Fields

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