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We provide an extensive range of handheld and stand alone barcode scanning hardware suitable for many types of manufacturing, warehouse, healthcare, kiosk and retail applications. Options include handheld, stand alone or fully portable devices providing a completely mobile scanning solution that can be used with Windows, Android & iOS hardware . Kit prices start from just £29.00 + VAT.

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Choose from a range of low cost handheld barcode scanners. These devices are capable of reading standard 1D, 2D and also DPM barcodes and can be connected to your host hardware via either a USB (Keyboard Wedge or Virtual COM) or RS232 Serial port.


Syble XB-2055A 1D Laser Scanner & Stand Kit

Low cost 1D handheld  laser barcode scanner kit with USB cable and desk stand at just £29.00 + VAT.  Buy Online

Honeywell 1470G Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner (USB)

Versatile & rugged 2D handheld scanner with USB or RS232 cable option. Can be supplied with desk stand or wall mount.

Unitech MS852 Industrial 2D Imager Scanner

The MS852 2D Imager provides users with a versatile auto switching solution for both manual & hands free scanning

Zebra DS3600 Ultra Rugged Barcode Scanners

Ultra Rugged programmable scanners that are ideal for any challenging manufacturing environment.


Cordless Barcode Scanners

Allowing you the full freedom to scan barcodes without any cables in the way, and with ranges of up to 10 metres away from the host. All of our cordless barcode scanners are supplied as complete working kits, ready to go out of the box with no software required.


Syble XB-5066BT 1D Laser Cordless Scanner Kit

Low cost 1D Cordless Barcode Scanner Kit for Retail & Light Industrial applications. From just £99.00+VAT


Unitech MS852B Long Range Cordless Scanner

Long range cordless barcode scanner capable of reading large sized 1D & 2D codes at up to 21 metres away

Unitech MS352 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner Kit

Industrial grade cordless 2D barcode scanner kit, supplied with a full
4 Year Warranty as standard.


Syble XB-6266MBT 2D Cordless Scanner Kit

2D cordless barcode scanner kit complete with cradle.  FMD & Scan4Safety compliant Buy Online


Embedded & Hands Free Scanners

Barcode scanning hardware that can be deployed to work completely automatically and hands free in a multitude of different environments. These small compact devices are ideal for embedding within Self Service Kiosks, Vending Machines solutions, Automated Production Lines and onto virtually any type of Retail or Check Out desk.


Unitech ES920 2D Imager Barcode Scanner

Compact 2D barcode scanner, perfect for embedding into Self Service Kiosks & POS Vending Machines. Buy Online

Datalogic GFS4470 2D Imager Scanner

Rugged 2D scanner that can be surface mounted onto Production Lines &  Industrial Vending Machines.

Zebra DS9300 Presentation Imager Scanners

Industrial stand alone Barcode Scanners suited for Retail Desks, Travel Gates & e-Ticket Scanning applications.

Syble XB-8608 2D Desktop Hands Free Scanner

Low cost hands free device that is capable of reading 2D QR barcodes from a smartphone screen. Buy Online

Companion Barcode Scanners

Turn any PC, Tablet or Smartphone into a barcode enabled device with a portable Bluetooth scanner that is also capable of storing data when out of range and automatically uploading it when re-connected.  Companion Scanners are compact and lightweight making them perfect for lots of mobile data collection tasks such as Inventory Checks, Security Patrols, Mobile POS and Event Management.

Unitech MS912+ CCD Imager Scanner

Low cost pocket sized 1D  scanner with Bluetooth capability that can be used with iOS or Android POS applications.


Unitech MS916 1D Bluetooth Scanner

Advanced 1D scanner with LCD display and RTC. Capable of storing 1000's of barcodes before uploading back to a PC 

Zebra CS60 Bluetooth Imager Scanner

The CS60 is ideal for Event Management applications and as a  mobile scanning solution for Tablets PC'.


Unitech MS925 Imager barcode scanner

2D Bluetooth barcode scanner with Anti-microbial casing. Ideal for Outdoor, Industrial & Healthcare environments.


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