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A wide range of Enterprise grade hardware is now available for both Windows Mobile and Android OS that are equipped with touch screens, keypads, barcode scanners and RFID readers to make data collection simple, accurate and efficient. Mobile computers are designed to fit into the hands of workers inside and outside the four walls of the workplace or can even be worn on the arm & wrist.

Android Enterprise Devices

PDA style devices similar to smartphones but built with rugged cases & equipped with Enterprise grade data capture features such as barcode scanners, RFID readers and 3D Imaging. Economical, compact devices that fit all budgets from as little as £325.00 + VAT

Zebra TC20

Low cost entry level device with 2D barcode scanner & NFC options available from just £325.00 + VAT

Unitech EA502

Versatile compact device with many data capture accessories available such as UHF Reader & 3D Camera

Unitech PA730

Rugged handheld suitable for the industrial workplace or for deployment within a delivery vehicle

Janam XT2+

Industrial grade handheld with IP67 case and high drop test specifications for the more challenging work place.


Rugged Android Mobile Computers

Rugged durable mobile computers designed for use within heavy manufacturing or distribution warehouses, capable of withstanding repeated drops, extreme weather and every day industrial use. Most devices can be equipped with or without pistol grip handles which improve scan intensive applications.  Wearable solutions provide secure portability and large screen computing into the warehouse.

Janam XM75

PDA style mobile computer with 2D barcode scanner, NFC, Camera, touch screen & numeric hard keys.

Zebra MC3300

Popular industrial handheld device with barcode scanner and hard keys for warehouse operatives.

Zebra MC3300 Gun

Gun style device that enables rapid barcode scanning operations to be completed quickly & easily

Janam XG200

Rugged and hard wearing gun style Android device thats ideal for any warehouse or distribution centre.


Windows Mobile 6.5 Industrial Devices

Rugged Windows Embedded & Windows Mobile 6.5 devices that are designed for use within heavy manufacturing or distribution warehouses, capable of withstanding repeated drops, extreme weather and every day industrial use. Ideal for connecting to Microsoft web based ERP applications such as Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX using industrial web browsers such as Wavelink or Surefox.


Janam XG3

The rugged XG3 is ideal for warehouse operations using a WMS & for browser based MS Dynamics & AX systems.

Zebra MC9200

Rugged and reliable pistol grip style handheld device that scans all 1D & 2D barcodes with ease.


Janam XM5

PDA style Windows 6.5 handheld device with touch screen and hard keys. Can be converted to Android 4.2

Gen2Wave RP1100

Low cost PDA device for retail and light industrial applications. 1D & 2D scan options available. From just £329.50

NOTE: The Janam XG3 & XM5 hardware range can be supplied with MS Windows 6.5 and converted to Android 4.2 which means that you can buy brnad new hardware with the confidence of knowing that you have an upgrade path to an Android migration in the future. Contact us for more details

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