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We provide a wide range of RFID transponders in the form of labels, tags and plastic ID cards incorporating either NFC technology (128 KHz /13.56 MHz) and also the longer range UHF technology (865-868 MHz).

NFC Cards & Tags

NFC (Near Field Communication) cards & tags that operate on a low range frequency of 128 khz and 13.56 Mhz are ideal for short range RFID applications such as Time & Attendance, Access Control, Vending Machine Control or Asset Management. Our plastic (UPVC) Cards are available in a wide range of colours, whilst tags are available in various formats, shapes and sizes.

Printable blank white ID cards (Mifare, HID iClass)

NFC Key Tags (Mifare, HID iClass) for Access Control, Time & Attendance

On Metal Asset tags (NTAG) for high temperature applications


UHF Labels & Tags

UHF tags operate on a higher frequency of 865 MHz - 868 MHz and are capable of being used over longer ranges of up to 15 metres to enable fast and efficient identification of anything from Assets to Stock with the minimum of effort involved.


Zebra UHF Paper Labels 868 MHz

Synthetic UHF Labels 868MHz

Silverline On Metal UHF Labels



If you're unsure which type of tag you need for your Auto ID project then please take a look at our useful selection guides or feel free to contact us for advice or simply fill out our form below.


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