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pcProx Plus Readers

The pcProx Plus readers are versatile compact NFC readers for virtually all 128khz and 13.56mhz cards and tags commonly used in the workplace for applications such as Access Control, Time & Attendance, PC Security and Print Management Services .

Other Common Applications:

  • Forklift Access Control: Monitor usage and prevent unauthorized access with a reader installed on the forklift control panel.
  • Warehouse: Control gates opening/closing and robotic arms utilizing a PLC/PAC and employee badge waved at readers.
  • Tool Crib Dispensing: Authorise workers using an ID badge and readers to take only supplies for the assigned task.
  • Secured Production Line: Grant line access when employee waves badge at reader connected to the HMI.
  • Purchasing & Finance Department: Secure information with presence detection, which locks screen when workstation is vacated.

RFIDeas Range of products:

Interested to know where secure contactless access can benefit your organisation? Take a tour of the Interactive Manufacturing Facilty below for help and ideas or simply view the product video:

pcProx Plus Models:

Hardware options include a choice of desk mounted or wall mount versions, with USB, Serial or Ethernet connectivity.

  • RDR-80581AKU pcProx Plus Multi Technologies Desktop Reader, Black, USB
  • RDR-8051AKO pcProx Plus Multi Technologies Desktop Reader, Black, Virtual Com
  • RDR-80581AK2 pcProx Plus Multi Technologies Desktop Reader, Black, Serial/RS232
  • RDR-80581AKE pcProx Plus Multi Technologies Desktop Reader, Black, 10/100 Ethernet
  • RDR-805W1AKU pcProx Plus Multi Technologies Wall Mount Reader, Black, USB
  • RDR -80581AKU-PPCT pcProx Plus Enrol PaperCut Black USB Reader.

pcProx Plus Wall Mount Readers

Choose from standard wall mount readers or rugged IP67 rated devices ideal for outdoor or industrial applications.

Wall Mount Options:

  • KT-805W1AKU-IP67 pcProx Plus Rugged Outdoor Wall Mount Reader, Black, USB (IP67 rated)
  • KT-805W1AK0-IP67 pcProx Plus Rugged Outdoor Wall Mount Reader, Black, Virtual Com (IP67 rated)
  • KT-805W1AK8-IP67 pcProx Plus Rugged Outdoor Wall Mount Reader, Black, Serial /RS232. (IP67 rated)
  • KT-805W1AKB-P-IP67 pcProx Plus Enroll Wallmount IP67 Black EtherNet/IP PoE Reader
  • RDR-805W1AKU -pcProx Plus Enrol Standard Wallmount Black USB reader
  • RDR-805W1AK0-C72 pcProx Plus Enroll Wallmount Black USB Virtual COM Reader with 72in cable

Not sure if ithe pcProx Plus range of readers will work with your existing cards or tags? Check out our handy compatibility guide below or simply send us a card to analyse for you and we'll recommend the right reader for you.


pcProx Plus SP

An ultra slim version of the pcProx Plus readers that's designed to fit onto multi function printers and photocopiers running print management services such as PaperCut and other similar systems. Fully configurable and supplied with a range of mounting options and various cable lengths making it ideal as part of any print management solution.


  • RDR-805H1AKU pcProx Plus SP Keystroke Reader, Black, USB
  • RDR-805H2AKU pcProx Plus SP Non Keystroke Reader, Black, USB
  • RDR -80581AKU-PPCT pcProx Plus Enrol PaperCut Black USB Reader. 2 year Warranty

To see how a contactless card reader can help make cost savings and improve security & efficiency of your multi function printers (MFP's) please take a look at the video below:

Securing Single and Multi-Function Printers

Download our guide to find out how easy it is to set up and use contactless card readers with MFP's and Print Management Systems and how it can benefit your organisation.


Other RFIDeas products available:

pcProx Sonar

The plug-and-play pcProx Sonar solves security risks and privacy concerns with unattended computers without requiring additional software or user action. This solution is a presence detector, not a badge reader. When a user steps away from the computer, the product automatically locks the computer. It detects a user’s presence so the computer will not lock until the user physically steps away, avoiding awkward time-out settings.

The Sonar easily attaches to the PC via a USB port and emulates a keyboard device. This operating mode allows it to send individual keystrokes and delays to be defined by the user.

pcProx Mat

The pressure sensitive pcProx Mat eliminates the security risks and privacy concerns associated by automatically securing a workstation based on user presence. The mat is designed to be positioned in front of workstations or kiosks, where a user would normally sit or stand. Using pressure sensitive technology, the pcProx Mat is able to automatically detect user presence and enable both logon and logoff capabilities via a USB connection to the PC. Upon a user’s arrival, the pcProx Mat can be configured to automatically open a logon window to the workstation. Once the user walks away, the mat will then automatically lock the workstation until the next user. By automating the logon/logoff process, the pcProx Mat easily enforces company security policies while providing a cost and energy saving solution

For more information on the pcProx Plus range of readers and security products please fill out our enquiry form below or visit the manufacturers website