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All hardware requires some form of software in order for it to work correctly and allow it to process, collect or view data. HUB AIDL can provide off the shelf software solutions ready to go out of the box, or alternatively we can develop custom made software applications for the following applications and more:

  • Stock Control - Simple low cost stock solutions that can be either Cloud based or locally hosted to control any type of items using  barcodes or RFID technology. Stock write off's can be virtually eliminated by monitoring Batch numbers and Use by dates incorporated into the GS1 compliant barcode and enforcing a FIFO process for time sensitive goods.

  • Asset Management - Moving or Fixed Assets that can be monitored using barcodes or NFC tags attached to the equipment.

  • Production Tracking (Work In Progress) - Cloud based solution that monitors the progress of jobs throughout the factory and records the time taken per individual process.

  • Access Control - Create lists of doors, areas and user groups to control who has access to specific areas of the building. Full control and activity reporting at your fingertips.

  • Time & Attendance - Can be supplied as a stand alone application or run in conjunction with the above Production Tracking or Access Control systems.

  • Label & Tag Printing - Create a Kiosk style Printing Form which can protect data integrity within the actual label file itself. Operators can then only input valid data onto the label at the time of print. Automated printing can also be achieved for use within production lines. To try a free 30 day trial of the label design software by clicking on the link here.

  • ID Card Printing - As per label printing - but print onto plastic ID cards using a simple Design Studio application for Windows.

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Custom Software & Hardware Projects

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