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Standalone_LabelPrint_SolutionspngNo PC or network to connect to a label printer? No problem, we provide a range of stand alone label printer systems that can be driven using wired USB or Bluetooth connected data input hardware such as barcode scanners, mini keyboards or weigh scales.

Our stand alone range of desktop & industrial label printer hardware are equipped with their own in built operating system ensuring that even complex label designs can be printed. Labels  with variable data such as product codes, descriptions, batch or serial codes and automatically generated date & time information can be printed using a combination of various hardware and pre-installed databases.

Alternatively, printer hardware can also be configured in stand alone mode without a PC and receive data either from a connected keyboard or barcode scanner via USB, Serial or Bluetooth to enable users to produce & reprint barcode labels etc


Portable Desktop Printers

Zebra Technologies latest desktop range of ZD series label printers now come with a portable battery pack option to enable them to be used virtually anywhere in the workplace and beyond.

Simply click the printer into place and this accessory then enables battery-powered operation for all ZD-Series Desktop Printers including the following:

  • ZD410D
  • ZD420C, ZD421T, ZD421D
  • ZD620T, ZD620D

The battery pack provides a fully transportable solution for their desktop range of Label Printers – so that the operator is no longer tethered to a fixed position next to a mains power outlet.


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