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Wearable technology is becoming ever more popular within busy Warehouses for tasks such as Picking & Packing as they give workers the freedom of hands-free mobility required to boost productivity to higher levels. Hardware being secured to the operators arm or wrist also represents a lower risk of damage from droppages and therefore any downtime, repairs or maintenance costs are minimised through their deployment.

Data capture inputs can be carried out using familiar touch screen entry and these are also complimented with barcode scanners that are also worn across the fingers or on the back of the hand mounted on a glove. Wearable scanners can also be used to capture and send data to nearby Tablet PC's or Workstations across a Bluetooth connection giving them a wide roaming range within the workplace.


Android Wearable Devices

Purpose designed wearable computers with various arm or wrist mount styles & various size options are available. These devices are compact, lightweight and comfortable to use providing operators with an efficient and secure data capture solution.

Zebra WS50

The all news WS50 from Zebra combines an Android 11 touch computer with an integrated 2D barcode scanner that can be worn either on the wrist, on the back of the hand or mounted on the fingers and used as a ring scanner.


Newland WD1

The impressive WD1 wearable  Smart watch is part of Newlands all new 'Nwear' range of mobile computing. The WD1 provides a convenient and portable solution for any busy Warehouse or T&L operations. BUY ONLINE


Unitech WD200

Unitech's low cost WD200 Android 10 wearable solution can be used with any Bluetooth enabled cordless glove or ring scanner options to efficiently capture barcode data. Can also be worn on a lanyard or a belt. BUY ONLINE


Wearable Barcode Scanners

A range of wearable barcode scanner options that can be worn on the fingers, hand or wrist. These devices can connect to any compatible host devices via Bluetooth.


Newland BS10R

The low cost BS10R ring scanner solution scans 1D & 2D barcodes and is available from just £139.00 BUY ONLINE 


Zebra RS2100

The compact lightweight RS2100 can be worn on either hand and sends data back to a host device via Bluetooth


Newland WD2

The advanced WD2 electronic scan glove is compact, lightweight and can even be worn over work gloves. BUY ONLINE


Zebra RS6000

Zebra' rugged RS600 scanner is ideal for any type of industrial shop floor or busy warehouse environments.


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