WAVE ID Contactless Card & Tag Readers                                     RFID_64x64png


Dual Frequency 13.56 MHz & 125 kHz Contactless Readers 

The WAVE ID range of contactless readers are low cost compact devices that are compatible with virtually all types of NFC enabled cards and tags commonly used in the workplace.

Suitable for almost any type of PC hardware with a USB or Serial port connection, these versatile contactless readers can be mounted on desks, walls or even inside existing machinery providing organisations with a fast, accurate identification process for logging on to operating systems & software applications.

So whether you need identity access management of individual devices or an industry-wide enforcement of data privacy and personal safety standards, these reliable contactless identification & authentication solutions provide hygienic & accurate access procedure and help improve productivity.

Common Applications:

  • Access Control - Control & manage entry into buildings, Car Parks, Lifts, Secure Rooms or Areas.
  • Time & Attendance - Clock IN & Out using contactless personal ID badges
  • PC Security - Log in to PC's & Laptops securely without the need for manually input passwords or keyboard.
  • Warehouse: Control gates opening/closing and robotic arms utilizing a PLC/PAC and employee badge waved at readers.
  • Vending Machines - Allow & manage only authorised workers to take supplies from your machines.
  • Automated Production Lines: Grant line access when employee uses badge at reader connected to the HMI.
  • Forklift Access- Monitor usage and prevent unauthorized access with a reader installed on the forklift control panel

Compatible Card & Fob Types: 

  • Mifare
  • HID
  • HID Prox II
  • Legic
  • Keri
  • Zebra

  • Casi Rusco
  • Indala
  • Pyramid
  • ioProx
  • EM /ASK
  • Deister


WAVE ID Plus SP for Managed Print Solutions

An ultra slim version of the pcProx Plus readers that's designed to fit onto multi function printers and photocopiers running print management services such as PaperCut and other similar systems. Fully configurable and supplied with a range of mounting options and various cable lengths making it ideal as part of any print management solution.

Securing Single and Multi-Function Printers

Download our guide to find out how easy it is to set up and use contactless card readers with MFP's and Print Management Systems and how it can benefit your organisation.


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