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Manual paper based stock counts are extremely time consuming and notoriously error prone. Pages of hand written information then has to be manually keyed into a computer via a keyboard, which effectively duplicates the original process once more.

Simple barcode technology can make Stock Takes so much easier and quicker to perform accurately and our simple HubStock solution is ideal for any small to medium size business, retail store or stock room. This complete all in one solution provides you with  barcodes and a fully portable scanning device pre-installed with software to enable you to carry out the task in a fraction of the usual time.

HubStock software records the Location and all Product Codes via the barcode scanner and Quantities are either input via the keypad, or can be automatically recorded. The software also captures the date and time of all stock count transactions.

Recorded data is compiled into a pre-formatted report which can be sent & shared within your organisation to be reviewed, edited or can also imported into virtually any common Database, Spreadhseet or Accounts software package.


Unitech EA320 Android 9 Mobile Computer, Keypad , 2D Scanner, Wifi, 4G

The EA320 rugged handheld device is GMS certified with an IP65 rating against dust & water, and a drop test specification of 1.5 metres to concrete making it ideal for most types of small to medium size business, retail stockrooms & industrial stores areas.

Optional Extras: Single or Multi Charger Cradles; Pistol Grip Sled for larger scan intensive operations.

System Features:

  • All in one portable handheld solution ready to go out of the box
  • Record stock data from any number of sites or locations.
  • Key in quantities using the device keypad or automatically assign a default quantity of 1 for every scan.
  • Data is stored and sent as an email file attachment with a simple One Click button operation to any number of email recipients.
  • Stock Take Data is pre-formatted into a structured report showing individual stock per Location and Total Stock item quantities per Part Number (SKU). Data can be used within any spreadsheet application & edited or imported into a Stock or Accounts packages.
  •  HubStock  simply requires a WiFi or Mobile data connection (3G/4G) for sending data, with an active SMTP email account needed to send emails. Data can also be shared via any installed app across wifi or stored directly to any Google Drive cloud account.

Package prices start from just £499.00 + VAT for a complete all in one solution out of the box including:

  • Unitech EA320 Android 9 PDA with Keypad, 2D barcode scanner, 4500mAh long life battery, hand strap & PSU.
  • 1 x HubStock Mobile device software license
  • 500 x Permanent shelf edge or bin location barcode labels.
  • User Guide
  • 12 months standard manufacturers warranty & remote technical support
  • Optional: Extended comprehensive cover warranty. Additional barcode labels and accessories available upon request.


If you'd like to receive more information about our simple and effective HubStock solution then please contact us via our form below or alternatively you can email us at: