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Manual or paper based stock counts can be very time consuming and are notoriously error prone. Thankfully it's now very easy to carry out this task efficiently and accurately using a low cost Stock Take solution for barcode enabled Android devices that's ideal for any small business or stock room and can also be used as part of a Kanban barcode solution to enable workers to collect stock data from any remote customer site.

Operators can record Locations, Product Codes and Quantities via the barcode scanner or keypad and the software captures the date and time of all stock records automatically for you.

Stock data is instantly compiled into a pre-formatted report and can then be sent, shared and imported into virtually any common Stock or Accounts software package.



  • Compatible with most Enterprise level handheld devices with Android 6.0 or above equipped with an integrated barcode scanner.
  • Record barcode stock data from any number of sites or locations.
  • All recorded data can be sent as an email attachment with a One Click operation to one or multiple email recipients.
  • Data is compiled as a pre formatted report in it's own right showing individual stock per Location and all stock per Part Number (SKU). The data file can be viewed within any spreadsheet application & imported into most popular Stock or Accounts packages.
  •  HubStock solution simply requires a WiFi or Mobile data connection (3G/4G) for sending data, with an active SMTP email account needed to send emails. Data can also be shared via any installed app or stored directly to Google Drive if emails are not preferred.

Prices start from just £399.00 + VAT for a complete solution out of the box incuding:

  • Unitech EA500P Android 8 PDA hardware with 2D barcode scanner, battery & PSU.
  • 1 x Mobile device software license
  • 100 x shelf edge or bin location barcode labels.
  • User Guide
  • 12 months standard manufacturers warranty & remote technical support

                                     Selected Screenshots:

Unitech EA500P Android 7.1 with 2D Barcode Scanner, Wifi, 4G, GPS

The EA500P handheld device is ideal for most types of retail stockroom or office stores environment. Rugged industrial hardware upgrades are also available.

Optional Extras: USB Cradle; Pistol Grip Sled for scan intensive operations; RFID Reader for UHF enabled tags & labels.


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