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If you need to scan two or more barcodes to automatically compare their values and ensure that they match - then we have a number of low cost portable solutions available. 

The handheld device scans and records an initial 'Primary' barcode and will then compare the second barcode value and issue an error tone if there's any mismatch in data. 

The system can also be set up to save the Primary barcode value and then check multiple barcode scans to flag up any non identical values thereafter.

This simple low cost solution can help your organisation maintain an effective QA system by preventing cross packaging of products during Order Picks or Shipping operations. It can be used to scan Product Codes, Batch or Serial Numbers and also Sell By /Use By Dates etc.

The Barcode Validation Apps read both 1D & 2D type codes and are a fully portable all in one solution. The Professional version can also be configured to record all scans and provide full reporting data.

Basic package prices start from as little as £350.00 + VAT for a complete solution out of the box including hardware & software.

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  • Order Picking & Packing - Identify Correct Part Numbers
  • Shipping Compliance - Check Parts & Batch No's
  • Hospitals & Pharmacy - Medication Verification
  • QA Systems - Prevention of Mixed Batches
  • Retail - Correct Products per Location
  • H&S Regulations - Scan Batches & Expiry Dates

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Option 1 - Data Validation Process for 1:1 Scanning System

Then simply press the Scan button again to clear both barcode scan values and start the process again.

Option 2 - Data Validation Process for 1: Multiple Scans System

The Primary barcode data is saved, and all subsequent scans will be compared to this value until the software is manually reset.



  • Accurate – Avoids data input errors
  • Efficient – Verifies and compares barcode data in milliseconds
  • Simple – No training required. 
  • Convenient – Portable one handed operation
  • Reliable – Rugged & Durable hardware options available
  • Comprehensive - Advanced upgrade versions also provide full scanning transaction reports data & locked in Kiosk mode.


Barcode Scan Match

Barcode Scan Mismatch

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