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Are your labels up to Scratch....or Smear or Moisture?

Ours most certainly are. We provide an extensive range of low cost paper and durable synthetic materials which won't allow the print to  rub off when simply being handled or moved around. Our top coated label materials can also provide ongoing resistance to water, oil and solvents too.

All of our products can be supplied on various roll sizes to suit any make or model of label printers (past or present) from any of the popular hardware manufacturers:

  • Brother
  • Citizen
  • Datamax
  • Epson Colorworks
  • Honeywell
  • Intermec
  • TSC Printronix
  • SATO
  • Toshiba
  • Zebra Technologies.

Label Configuration Options

  • Roll Core Sizes: 19 mm /25 mm /76 mm
  • Inner Core Material: Cardboard / Plastic (Clean Room Safe)
  • Roll Diameter Size (mm): 55 / 100  /125 /200 /250
  • Label Sizes: From 8mm wide up to 234 mm
  • Label Materials: Direct thermal Paper (BPA Free) or Direct Thermal Polyester /Standard Paper /Polyester / Polypropylene / Polyethylene / Polyamide /Vinyl / Tyvek / Fastyre / HubFast (sticks to virtually anything).
  • Face Material Finish: Matt, Silk, Semi Gloss, Gloss, Laminated
  • Adhesives: Peelable /Permanent /Ultra Permanent
  • Colours: Various - All standard Pantone References
  • Pre-Printing: Company Logo's / Branding / GHS Symbols
  • Perforations: Horizontal & Vertical options
  • Registration: Gaps, Notch, Black Marks
  • Slits: Kiss Cut Labels /Peel Away Sections

 NOTE: Our ENDURA paper labels are FSC approved and therefore guaranteed to be sourced from sustainable forestry.

All of our direct thermal paper labels are 100% PVC and BPA Free and fully comply with the 2020 EU Legislation. For more details please visit the specific EU Directive Webpage

Our Product Range

  • Plain/Blank Labels & Tags
  • Peelable/ Removable labels
  • Pre-Printed Logo/ Branded Labels
  • Logistics labels (GS1 Compliant)
  • Barcode labels
  • Laminated Asset labels
  • Continuous labels
  • Transparent labels
  • Grease and oil resistant labels
  • Food & Beverage labels

  • GHS labels (hazardous substances)Heat resistant labels
  • Carton/Outer Case labels
  • Temperature Reactive labels
  • Tamper Evident /Security labels
  • Resealable labels
  • Tyre labels
  • Tear resistant labels
  • Sequential /Serial Number Labels
  • RFID Labels
  • Bio-Degradeable Labels

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