Zebra TC26 Android 11 Rugged Touch Computer


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Zebra TC26 Android 11 Touch Computer

The Zebra TC2x series is a 5 inch rugged mobile touch screen computer that provides users with a low-cost smartphone device that's suitable for any type of mobile worker.

With multiple configurations at different price points, you pay only for the features your workers need, including connectivity — the WiFi-only TC21 for workers inside the four walls or the WiFi/cellular TC26 for workers out in the field.

Powerful complimentary Mobility DNA tools are pre-loaded and ready to use, making it easier to stage, secure and troubleshoot devices; capture and send data to your applications right out of the box; restrict access to features and applications; and more.

  • 5-inch rugged smartphone design with a touch screen
  • Lightweight, at just 236g it's easy to carry and easy to operate with one hand.
  • Android 11 (GMS) with built-in support for upgrade to Android version 13.
  • Built in professional barcode scanner options (x 2 versions)
  • Rugged device: 1P65 rated - Waterproof, dustproof, drops to concrete (1.2m), snow, rain, heat, freezing cold. All screens are fortified with Gorilla Glass.
  • Long-lasting removable 3300mAh and 520mAh battery options (Up to 20 hours working time)
  • Connectivity options - WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS (TC26 only) and NFC.
  • Front and rear camera options (13 MP/5 MP)
  • Wide range of hardware accessories available making it a flexible solution for barcode scanning and RFID tag reading applications
  • VoLTE delivers superior voice quality over cellular networks, while Zebra’s advanced VoWiFi technology, included with the Mobility DNA Enterprise License, delivers superior voice quality over all of your WiFi voice applications
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Light Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Field Service
  • Postal /Courier
  • Direct store Delivery
  • QA Checking - Barcode Data Match
Available SKU Options:
  1. TC26BK-11D221-A6 = Zebra TC26 WWAN - Single-WAN, SIM, GMS, No Scanner, NFC, 3GB/32GB, 13 MP RFC, 5MP FFC, No back connector,   3300mAh Battery
  2. TC26BK-11B212-A6 = Zebra TC26 WWAN - Single-WAN, SIM, GMS, SE4100, NFC, 3GB/32GB, 13 MP, RFC, No FFC, 2-pin Back Connector , 3300mAh Battery
  3. TC26BK-11A222-A6  = Zebra TC26 WWAN - Single WAN, GMS, SE4710, NFC, 3GB/32GB, 13 MP RFC, 5MP FFC, 2-pin connector , 3300mAh Battery
More SKU options & Bulk discounts available. Please contact us for details

TC26 Accessories:
  • Hand Strap
  • Wrist & Arm Mount - use as a wearable solution
  • Belt Mount Holster
  • Single & Multi Slot Chargers
  • Quad Battery Chargers
  • Vehicle Mounts & Chargers
  • Pistol Grip Sled - for scan intensive operations
  • Screen Protectors

Zebra TC2x Series Data Sheet

Demo units available from April 2021. Please contact us for details.