Zebra TC22 Android 12 Touch Computer


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Zebra TC22 Android 12 Touch Computer

The Zebra TC22/TC27 mobile computer is the next generation in the TC2x family that delivers the best of all worlds — sleek smartphone styling and an equivalent price point, coupled with big business features that boost productivity and customer service quality.

The TC22/TC27 offers a large 6” display, 5G, Wi-Fi 6/6E, integrated barcode scanner, and support for tap-to-pay and digital wallets. 

Unlike consumer grade smartphones, the TC22/TC27 is built to last and has six years of support that can help you keep your devices up and running at peak performance.

  • TC22/TC27 boasts 6”, 32% larger display, 10% thinner, tougher IP68 compared to TC21/TC26
  • Offers a choice of standard SE4710 or advanced range SE55 scan engines.
  • Ensures future proofing with Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, CBRS (US band only), Qualcomm 5430 2.1 GHz Multi-Core Processor
  • Brings unique value-adds: Workstation Connect, mobile payment, and mobile/hybrid POS, Apple VAS + Google Smart Tap for ticketing/membership cards, and RFID capability (eConnex +RFD40 or RFD90)
  • Get a built-in advantage with no-cost Mobility DNA Professional or maximize device functionality, workforce productivity and user experience with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license
  • Lightweight, at just 236g it's easy to carry and easy to operate with one hand.
  • Android 12 (GMS) with built-in support for future Android releases up to version 16 provides superior future-proofing (AER approved).
  • Built in professional barcode scanner options (x 2 versions)
  • Rugged design: 1P68 rated - Waterproof, dustproof, drops to concrete (1.5m), snow, rain, heat, freezing cold. All screens are fortified with Gorilla Glass.
  • Long-lasting removable 3800mAh and 5200mAh battery options (Up to 20 hours working time)
  • Connectivity options - WiFi 6/6E, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS (TC26 only) and NFC.
  • Front and rear camera options (16 MP/5 MP)
  • Wide range of hardware accessories available making it a flexible solution for barcode scanning and RFID tag reading applications
  • Retail - Price Checking
  • Hospitality - Event Ticket Management
  • Light Warehouse - Picking
  • Manufacturing - Light Data Collection
  • Field Service - Site Security / Facilities management
  • Postal /Courier - POD
  • Inventory Management
  • Direct store Delivery
  • QA Checking - Barcode Data Match
Available SKU Options:
  1. WLMT0-T22B6ABC2-A6 = Zebra TC22 WLAN, GMS, SE4710 Scanner, NFC, 6GB/64GB, 15MP RFC, 5MP FFC, 2-pin connector, 3800mAh Battery
  2. WLMT0-T22B6CBC2-A6 = Zebra TC22 WLAN, GMS, SE55 long range Scanner, NFC, 6GB/64GB, 15MP RFC, 5MP FFC, 2-pin connector, 3800mAh Battery
Other SKU options & Bulk discounts available. Please contact us for details

TC2x Series Accessories:
  • Hand Strap
  • Wrist Mount - use as a wearable solution
  • Belt Mount Holster
  • Single & Multi Slot Chargers
  • Quad Battery Chargers
  • Vehicle Mounts & Chargers
  • Pistol Grip Sled - for scan intensive operations
  • Screen Protectors

Zebra TC2x Series Data Sheet


TC2x Series Accessories:

Demo units available. Please contact us for details.