Zebra MC9400 Android 14 Gun Grip Computer


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Zebra MC9400 Android 14 Gun Grip Computer

The MC9400/MC9450 provides the latest mobile technologies. Faster, ready to power the new generation of industrial applications and with the SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ that delivers an unprecedented extended scanning range. Upgrade to the latest productivity-enhancing mobility features with full backwards compatibility with the MC9300 accessories. 

Advanced Barcode Scanning

Unmatched scanning range with the new SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology. Scan barcodes in hand to over 100 ft./30.5 m away. Innovative green laser aimer up to seven times more visible than the typical red aimer dot.

Fast Connection & Performance

The fastest Wi-Fi connections available, Wi-Fi 6E, quadruple the bandwidth and capacity, triple the speed and up to triple the available spectrum to get dependable and instant application response times, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Backwards Compatible: Existing users of Zebra MC9300 devices can also use most of the accessories you already own, maximizing your current accessory investment to minimise the cost of upgrading to the very latest in mobile technology.


  • 4.3 inch rugged touch screen and keypad options
  • Android 14 OS with built-in support for a future Android 17 release provides superior future-proofing (AER approved).
  • Built in professional barcode scanner (x 2 versions) and UHF tag reading option
  • Rugged device: IP65 / IP68 rated - Waterproof, dustproof, drops to concrete, snow, rain, heat, freezing cold (works at  -30°C to 50°C )
  • Long-lasting removable 7000mAh and accessories are compatible with MC9300 batteries
  • Connectivity options - WiFi   6E 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r/k/v1/w/mc1; Wi-Fi™ certified; IPv4, IPv6, 2x2 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 5.2, and NFC.
  • Front and rear camera options ( Front: 8 MP; Rear: 16 MP) 
  • Wide range of hardware accessories available making it a flexible solution for industrial barcode scanning and RFID tag reading applications
  • Biometric Facial Recognition

  • Dimensions - 9.4 in. L x 3.5 in. W x 7.4 in. H /240 mm L x 88 mm W x 189 mm H
  • Weight -  26.2 oz./743 g with battery
  • Display -  4.3 in. WVGA; 800 x 480 pixels; colour display
  • Touch Panel -  Dual mode capacitive touch with finger, gloved finger or stylus input
  • Power -  Rechargeable Li-Ion: 3.6V, 7000mAh (25.20 Wh); Optional BLE Battery Li-Ion 3.6V, 7000mAh
  • Expansion Slot -  MicroSD supports up to 2 TB
  • SIM -  MC9450 only: 1 nano SIM; 1 eSIM
  • Notifications -  Audible tone; multi-color LED; haptic feedback
  • Keypad options -  Backlit, field replaceable keypads; 58 Key AlphaNumeric, 53 Key AlphaNumeric STD, 53 Key Terminal Emulation (5250 and VT), 43 Key, 34 Key Numeric/Function, 29 Key Numeric/Calculation
  • Voice & Audio -  Speaker, microphone, PTT voice (internal speaker and Bluetooth wireless headset support)
  • Buttons -  Trigger scan button; keypad scan button
  • CPU -  Qualcomm 4490 octa-core; 2.4 GHz
  • Memory -  6 GB RAM/128 GB Flash
  • Security -  FIPS 140-2 Validated; supports Secure Boot and Verified Boot
  • Operating Temperature -  -4°F to 122°F/-20°C to +50°C or  -22°F to 122°F/-30°C to +50°C (Freezer Model)
  • Drop Spec -  Exceeds per MIL-STD-810H: 12 ft./3.65 m to concrete; Enterprise drop standard 8 ft. (2.4 m) to concrete across temperature (-20°C to 50°C) exceeding MIL-STD-810H
  • Tumble Spec -  6,000 3.3 ft. (1m) tumbles; meets or exceeds IEC tumble specification
  • Sealing - IP65 and IP68 with battery per applicable IEC sealing specifications
  • Barcode Scanner -  SE58 1D/2D Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology with green laser aimer SE4770 1D/2D Scan Engine with red laser aimer
  • camera -  8 MP; Rear: 16 MP autofocus; flash LED generates balanced white light; supports Torch mode + HDR (standard)
  • NFC -  ISO 14443 Type A and B; FeliCa and ISO 15693 cards
  • WLAN -  IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/d/h/i/r/k/v/w/mc; 2x2 MU-MIMO; Tri-band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz)2; Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ (Wi-Fi 6E); Dual Band Simultaneous; IPv4, IPv6
  • WWAN - 3G / 4G /5G / Gigabit LTE (9450 model only)
  • GPS - GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS Dual-Band GNSS — Concurrent L1/G1/E1 (GPS/QZSS, GLO, GAL) + L5/E5a/BDSB2a (GPS/QZSS, GAL) a-GPS Supports XTRA
  • VOIP -  Supports Workcloud CommunicationTM PTT Express and Workcloud Communication PTT Pro
  • Bluetooth -  Class 2, Bluetooth v5.3 and Secondary BLE for beaconing within BLE battery
  • Encryption -  WEP (40 or 104 bit); Enhanced Open (OWE); WPA/WPA2 Personal (TKIP and AES); WPA3 Personal (SAE); WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (TKIP and AES); WPA3 Enterprise (AES); EAP-TTLS (PAP, MSCHAP, MSCHAPv2), EAP-TLS, PEAPv0-MSCHAPv2, PEAPv1-EAP-GTC, LEAP, EAP-PWD; WPA3 Enterprise 192-bit mode (GCMP256) - EAP-TLS; MC9450 only: EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA Prime
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This SKU: MC9401-0G1J6CSS-A6 -  MC9400, Android 14 Gun Grip, LAN, WIFI 6E, GUN, BT, NFC, 4,3inch DISPLAY, VIBRATOR, GMS, SE4770 2D IMAGER, 6GB RAM/128GB UFS, 43 KEY, 7000 MAH STD BATTERY

Other SKU's available:
  • MC9401-0G1M6HSS-A6
  • MC9401-0G1M6GSS-A6
  • MC9401-0G1M6DSS-A6
  • MC9401-0G1J6DSS-A6
  • MC9401-0G1M6ESS-A6
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MC9400 Accessories:
  • Hand Strap
  • Belt Mount Holster
  • Protective Boot (Gun Version)
  • Single & Multi Slot Chargers
  • 4 slot /20 slot Battery Chargers
  • FLT Vehicle Mounts & Chargers
  • Screen Protectors

Zebra MC9400 Series Data Sheet


A full list of MC9400 accessories can be found here:

Demo units available from January 2024. Please contact us for details.