Newland CD50 - 2 Slot Charger for WD2


Newland CD50 2 slot charger for WD2

Newland 2 slot charging for WD2 scanner includes USB-C cable (up to 5 Cradles can be linked to create multi dock solution) .

Multi Cradle charging capability

The Newland CD50 is a compact two-bay charging station powered via a USB-C cable or a multi-region PSU. The cradle has fixing points for mounting, and the quick click docking magnets keep the WD2 securely in place even if mounted vertically. 

The cradles can be linked together to create a 4, 6, 8 or 10 bay multi dock cradle, optimized to 100% charging efficiently via a single PSU.

Warranty: Standard 2 years

Product Code: NL-CD50

CD50 Battery Charger Data Sheet