Labelmate Mini-CAT MC-11 Label Rewinder


Category Label Rewinder
The MINI-CAT rewinders are the world´s most popular entry-level label rewinders to be used in combination with small desktop or mid-range barcode printers. With a specially designed bi-directional motor, they offer trouble-free performance at an incredible low cost. Adjustable Paper Guide (APG) option available.

All versions of the MINI-CAT use LABELMATE’s proprietary Constant Adjustable Torque™ (“CAT”) technology to achieve impressive, reliable performance at an unprecedented low price. A special motor, designed specifically for the MINI-CATs, offers bi-directional operation and trouble-free performance. A switch, on the power supply, conveniently controls the amount of rewind force

MC-11 Specifications:
  • New built-in potentiometer
  • Winds labels up to 115mm wide
  • Variable label core (25-101mm)
  • Speed up to 50 cm/sec.
  • Direction switch.
  • Size: W x D x H: 220 x 305 x 195 mm.
  • Supplied with 15V-DC power supply Included
  • 5- Years Parts and Labour Limited Warranty.

  • LMX440 FLANGE MC-10 External flange, for MC-10 only.
  • LMX441 APG-MC Adjustable Paper Guide for MC-11.
  • LMX442 STANDARD SHAFT Standard shaft for MC with vanes, bail and internal flange.
  • LMX443 ACH-MC Adjustable Core Holder for any core size from 25 to 101mm in diameter. With inner flange.
  • LMX162 BAIL Standard on MC-10. For rewind on shaft, no core is needed.
  • LMX276 FOOT SWITCH Foot Switch to start and stop the MC Rewinders. MC to be modified at factory.
  • LMX550 PS-MC (NEW) Power Supply for MC/MC+ - 15V-DC. Included
  • LMX551 PS-MC-UK (NEW) Power Supply for MC/MC+ - 15V-DC.
  • LMX060 PS-MC 230V - 50Hz Power Supply for MC-10 and MC-11.
  • LMX061 PS-MC-UK 230V - 50Hz Power Supply for MC-10 and MC-11. Old version.
  • LMX542 AL-MC/CAT Stainless steel alignment plate – 2 mm thick. Compatible