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The HUB Hybrid Wearable Android Solution

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Warehouse & Distribution Centres have traditionally relied upon the deployment of handheld computers in the workplace to record vital stock data and help manage order picking processes, however more recently there are now more versatile hardware options available in the form of wearable technology that offers users and administrators many long term benefits.

In addition to being simple to use and operate, courtesy of its Android 10 operating system, the latest generation of wearable computers provide organisations with a reliable and robust hardware solution that have already proved suitable with virtually any type of WMS or ERP system, regardless of it's size, scale or environment.

The Unitech WD200 (Android) is a rugged wearable computer combining enterprise-class features with powerful data collection capabilities and offers a compact 3.1 inch touch screen for easy viewability and data collection. In addition to this, the WD200 provides a secure yet comfortable arm mount that ensures the hardware is well protected from damage or drops and therefore minimises the risks and repair costs that can sometime be involved with deploying mobile technology into the workplace.

Flexible Options

The WD200 also provides convenient connectivity options for scanning barcodes with a range of different devices that can be connected by Bluetooth. These devices enable operators to quickly scan barcodes at the same time as retaining both hands free for manual handling tasks at all times.


PX 2D Glove Scanners (Bluetooth)


MS632 & MS652 Bluetooth Ring Scanners (2D)
Unitech MS632 Ring Scannerjpg             Unitech MS652 Ring Scannerpng
WD200 Android 10 Computer - Features

  • Powerful computing platform: Qualcomm quad-core processor- 
  • Memory - 3 GB RAM / 32 GB Flash
  • Easy, intuitive user interface: Android 10 Operating System (GMS)
  • Industrial grade durability: 5-foot drop resistance / IP67-sealed
  • Suitable for any mobile worker: 3G / 4G LTE, Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/h/k/r/v WiFi, GPS
  •  Rechargeable, full-shift battery 2050mAh (upto 11 hrs operating time from a single charge)
  • 3.1” HD display. Ultra sensitive capacitive touch screen (compatible with gloves)
  • Lightweight unit at just 110g (inc battery)
  • Integrated 13MP camera
  • Wireless connectivity to any Bluetooth barcode scanner including Glove or Ring mounted
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Low cost solution - Approx half the cost of similar industrial products

Data Sheet


Want to learn more about the Hybrid Android Wearable solution and how it can help to streamline your data capture processes? Please contact us for more details.

Demo Units available for testing and evaluation.

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