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Warehouse Ready Mobility Solutions from Janam

Whether you run just a small stock room or manage a large scale warehouse operation providing comprehensive Storage, Logistics or Order Fulfillment services, the chances are there's a Janam industrial mobile computer perfectly suited to carry out all of your mobile data capture needs.

Their range of rugged mobile computers provide users with a high level of reliability through their  impressive build quality that ensures their hardware products keep on working around the clock. What's more, Janam also have an unrivalled reputation for supporting their products well past the the official end of life dates for their operating systems making them an ideal long term hardware choice for your business.

Here we take a look at some of their current 'Warehouse Ready' hardware devices:

Janam XG200 Pistol Grip Mobile Computer - Android 7

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Janam’s new XG200 rugged mobile computer is optimised to meet the unique requirements of warehouses, distribution centres, loading docks and other environments where rugged, gun-shaped mobile computers are deployed. With its industry-leading design, super-fast processing speed and superior barcode scanning technology, the XG200 can increase mobile worker productivity by more than 25 percent.

With its patented design, the XG200’s 6300mAh long life battery is actually located inside the handle, delivering a device that is incomparably light and balanced in the hand, while also allowing users to quickly hot-swap a battery to eliminate any downtime.

The XG200 delivers best-in-class scanning speed, ultra-fast motion tolerance and excellent reading capability for poorly printed barcodes. Janam’s XG200-ER (Extended Range) model is one of only a few devices available with Honeywell’s industry-leading EX25 near/far imager. With breakthrough auto-focus technology and barcode reading range that is 30 percent greater than competitive scanners, the XG200-ER offers unparalleled flexibility to read virtually any kind of 1D and 2D barcode, omni-directionally, from a range of six inches up to more than 50 feet away.

Janam XG3 Pistol Grip Mobile Computer - Android & Windows Mobile 6.5

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The XG3 is Janam’s well established, gun-shaped, rugged mobile computer that's designed to excel in the most challenging environments. Eliminating the weight and bulk associated with competitive devices, Janam’s XG3 is the lightest industrial-grade mobile computer in its class.

Built to withstand the rigors of all-day, every-day use in manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, plant floors, loading docks, ports and other demanding workspaces, the XG3 helps to increase productivity and improve operational efficiencies. With its pistol grip optimised for user comfort and a choice between 1D standard laser or 2D imager barcode scanner the XG3 is optimized for scan-intensive, extended-shift use. There's also an option for an extended-range 2D imager scan engine, giving an impressive scan read range of over 50 feet.

Features include a 3.5-inch color display with hardened glass, ARM Cortex-A8 CPU @1GHz and choice of keypads to provide the performance, power efficiency and flexibility that enterprise and government customers require. The XG3 also delivers exceptional battery life with a standard 5200mAh hot-swappable Li-ion battery. Options include an Android or Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system that provides organisations with an opportunity to extend the life of any Microsoft host systems such as AX or MS Dynamics for several more years to come.

Janam’s XG3 rugged mobile computer is certified for use in hazardous environments, sealed to IP65 standard and survives repeated 6’ drops to concrete. A standard 2-year warranty provides customers with the level of service they require, at no additional cost.

Janam XM75 - Handheld Mobile Computer - Android 6
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Janam’s XM75 rugged mobile computer makes it easy to capture business-critical information accurately and efficiently. As one of the only devices specially designed for input-intensive applications, the XM75’s compact form factor combined with larger keypad design delivers the ideal solution for organisations that want an easy-to-use keypad and large touch screen in the same device.

At just 300g the XM75 is one of the lightest yet most rugged devices in its class and is packed with advanced features to boost productivity, streamline operations and improve the customer experience and can be used in conjunction with a pistol grip sled to improve the efficiency of any scan intensive barcode data capture process within the warehouse. Its in built 13MP camera also provides users with the option of taking high resolution images too.

Offering 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, the XM75 provides lightning fast and reliable access to voice and data applications inside the enterprise and out in the field. The XM75 is sealed to IP67 standard against dust and immersion in up to 3 feet of water. It can withstand multiple 1.5m drops to concrete to MIL-STD 810G and operates across a wide temperature range between -20º to 60º C.  In short, it's a completely versatile data capture solution suitable for many kinds of mobile work operations.

Individual product specifications and price guides can be found within our online Store.

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Janam Technologies LLC is a leading provider of rugged, handheld computing devices for mobile workers. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products and accessories that increase productivity, reduce costs and greatly improve customer satisfaction. Specialising in purpose-built mobile computers that scan barcodes, read RFID/NFC data and communicate wirelessly, Janam offers products that are designed to run mission-critical applications within retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.

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