Label Printer Upgrades

Time to upgrade your old label printers?

Here are 10 compelling reasons as to why you really should put off delaying that overdue upgrade to your old label printers:

1. Security

Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed £5 billion in 2019: could your printers mean you’re part of this statistic?

  • So… how secure is your IT? 
  • Privacy, cyberterrorism, hacking: could your network be vulnerable?
  • And how safe is your customer data? Because risking a data security breach has serious implications for your finances and your reputation.

Believe it or not, if you have older printers, you are actually at risk. And you don’t need to be a large corporate, because smaller businesses are targeted more.

Cyber security is a concern for all business but Zebra label printers can help protect you against attack. Their latest Link-OS PrintSecure allows you to monitor activity, control access and most importantly, block unwanted intrusion on both wired and wireless printers. PrintSecure enables you to set permitted access and regularly update your  label printers to address new threats, ensuring these peripheral devices on your infrastructure need not be a concern. Wired or wireless, the networked Link-OS printers will provide your business with the protection you need… PrintSecure offers industry leading security for thermal printers.

2. Fraud

  • Do you use blank media which has a face value?
  • How do you safeguard your printed output?
  • Could falsified printing become a concern for your business?
  • Fraud prevention… with a printer? Yes; absolutely!

It’s not uncommon in your print applications for the associated blank media to have a face value, for example: transport or event ticketing, prescription issuance, visas, electronic stamping, etc. This type of media is increasingly being unknowingly removed (stolen!) and printed with false details; and this falsified output is then sold by touts and other illegal outlets. However Zebra's lockable Printers have been designed to prevent media theft as it's secured within the printer and the device itself can be anchored to a fixed location, to prevent theft of the entire unit. The only way to generate output is through a legitimate PrintSecure print job; and all transactions can be reconciled against the printer’s integral odometer.

3. Printer Management

  • Do you find your printers are difficult to setup?
  • How many hours do you waste managing your printers?
  • Who manages your printers?
  • And would you like to work smarter and save money with a better managed printer?

The majority of label printers sold are networked devices, and you’re probably aware of the efficiencies they offer – saving money, reducing maintenance, enabling remote use, increasing traceability, etc. – but what’s the best way for you to manage yours to achieve what you need?

  • On-premise or cloud-based?
  • And what about day-to-day management functionality?

Because with the Zebra Link-OS printers, you can…

  • View the printer’s webpage and control it from a laptop, smartphone or tablet device.
  • Manage single or grouped devices across the globe with Printer Profile Manager.
  • Even control throughput, supplies ordering and maintenance with OVS and AVS.

And if you have an existing device management platform – such as SOTI or 42 Gears MDM – it can also be used to control Zebra printers too.

4. Upgrades that work with your existing systems

  • Do you have an ageing population of label printers?
  • How much does it cost you to maintain and support your older models?
  • Would you like an easy route to upgrade?
  • Wish you could have all of the benefits and none of the hassle to switch your costly label printer?

If you’re looking to improve efficiencies, then Zebra's printer range can help you achieve your goals. However, we appreciate you may have reasons for keeping your legacy systems; and that’s where issues can arise… but not when you trade-up to a new Zebra label printer!

Maintaining long-since discontinued printers or upgrading to non-compatible models from other manufacturers generally means spending time and money on costly software developments… which is why Zebra developed its Virtual Devices.

Virtual Devices are on-printer apps which allow Zebra Link-OS printers to use the legacy languages normally associated with other printer brands. Which means you get a functionally superior printer without any impact on your existing system. 

The library of Virtual Devices – which are free** to download from – are simply loaded into the Link-OS printer and activated, enabling the printer to accept third party command code.

5. Environmental issues

  • Does your current labelling solution meet your environmental aims, values and legal responsibilities?
  • Could your barcoding be more environmentally friendly?
  • Would you like a more sustainable business through a greener printing solution?

Businesses of all sizes – from small to multi-national – are becoming ‘greener’. Local, regional, national and international law now requires manufacturers and users to meet certain standards. The Zebra range of label printers meet – or exceed – exacting environmental standards:

  • Helps you achieve / maintain compliance.
  • Supports you with your environmental goals and market-facing ‘green’ messages.
6. Connectivity
  • Do you struggle to connect to your printer? Is it frustrating, especially when you need to print in a hurry?
  • Does your current infrastructure have the latest functionality, device connectivity and security of connection, or could it be better?
  • And how current and convenient is your barcode printing? Are you keeping up with today’s developments, or falling behind?
The environments where you use label printers are changing. The way you use them, how data is parsed to them, and the opportunities for network infiltration are evolving too… which is why it’s important to have printers with the latest, fastest, and most secure connectivity.
  • Award-winning modular design of the ZD-Series means interface connectivity and infrastructure changes are simple and easy.
  • USB connectivity and control of peripherals devices – scanners, keyboard, scales or payment devices – can be used to extend your print applications and get maximum use out of your printers.
  • Intelligent serial ports sense and adapt to the attached device.
  • Out-of-box Bluetooth Low Energy wireless makes printer setup and management easy.
  • The quickest and most secure dual-wireless offering – MFi certified Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi 802.11ac.

7. Ease of use

  • How useable – really useable – is your label printer?
  • Are you getting full effectiveness from your hardware, or would you like to do more?
  • Is your labelling solution fully efficient, or could it be better?
  • And why should barcoding printing be troublesome? Because printing should be easy!
Zebra printers have always been designed for ease of use so what’s the point of a printer which is hard to use? Zebra builds on this with each new iteration and the compact ZD-series models are no exception:
  • Easier printers are simpler to deploy, require less training, less support and maximise your uptime.
  • Difficult and time-consuming tasks, such as loading supplies, are simpler with the media handling and ribbon loading on the ZD-series. Even easier with the error-free ribbon cartridge design of the ZD420c.
  • Out-of-box wireless allows for simple configuration with one of the many free tools, such as Print Setup Utilities.
  • PrintTouch feature makes it simple to connect devices or launch applications.
  • Comprehensive support pages and instructional “how to” videos are easily accessed via the PrintTouch feature and by scanning the QR code on the printer or on the optional LCD display

8. Maintenance, consumables & support

  • Do you know whether your printers are still supported, or not?
  • Are you spending too much on print head consumables?
  • Have you changed the print head or platen roller on your printers lately?
  • And how long did it take you… honestly?!

In terms of day-to-day operations it may seem a relatively small thing, but day-to-day printer maintenance really does impact on productivity. And when changing consumables is difficult, printers can be left ‘out-of-operation’ for considerable periods of time, forcing staff to find ‘ways round’ the situation. Replacing consumable parts such as print heads and platen rollers is a routine part of thermal printer maintenance, but with older models it can be a tricky, time-consuming and – frankly –frustrating process. BUT… you can change a print head or platen roller in less than five minutes on today’s Zebra Desktop printers, often without the need for any tools whatsoever. And more strategically…
Zebra OneCare Mainteance service gives you prioritised customer support, ensuring minimum down-time and minimum adverse impact on your business.

  • Committed repair cycle times, comprehensive coverage, repair
  • Service dashboards and rapid access to technical support.
  • Prioritised helpdesk access with a service contract, resulting in much faster response and resolution than without a contract.
  • Choice of Select or Essential service packages, covering: Software updates: Device Diagnostics; Reports Dashboard; Repair & Turnaround Time; Unit Replacement; Essential 3 day Repairs

Some Zebra OneCare options also include print head replacement which is a routine consumable cost, so it can help reduce your total cost of ownership. Designed to insulate you from unexpected repair costs, OneCare is only available on currently supported printers: which is a great reason to Trade-Up!

9. Device Visibility & Monitoring

  • Do you know how many printers you have? Honestly?
  • When were they last used?
  • And how are they performing?
Managing a label printer ‘population’ for maximum productivity can be a challenge with older, non-Link-OS, models… they simply can’t have today’s operational and asset visibility functions.
Downtime costs: VDC Research estimates that a single device failure equates to 80 minutes of lost productivity. But actively monitoring and managing your printers helps minimise the issue.

10. A complete solution

  • How well do your printers work together and with other devices?
  • Could printer limitations actually be limiting your business too?
  • Would it be good if you could add to your printing capability, quickly and easily, whenever you need to?
  • And how would you like to broaden your standalone printing applications?
The design of the ZD-series Desktop printers means you can deploy a mixed estate of mobile or other fixed printers... because ZQ, ZD and ZT printers all use the same method of control and management. They can therefore also be connected to – and used alongside – Zebra Enterprise scanners, mobile computers and tablets.

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