Affordable RFID Technology is here!

Affordable RFID Technology is here!   RFIDpng

The relatively recent emergence of Utra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology has provided many of the early adopters with numerous time & cost saving benefits involved with the accurate identification of Goods or Assets for data capture processes.

RFID technology doesn't require 'line of sight' and can therefore provide advantages over barcodes which do of course need this. Operating on a frequency of 898 MHZ also provides UHF enabled hardware and transponders much greater read ranges than the more familiar NFC based technology

The tehnology is now also more affordable than ever before with many manufacturers bringing solutions to the market and there's the security of having global standards to ensure that hardware and UHF labels or tags are universally compatible with one another.

From Printing & Encoding, to Reading and Decoding, there are so many options available and we have compiled a simple guide to help you through the process of choosing your products:

RFID Label/Tag Printers & Encoders

         thW1PFEQOUjpgPrintronix T8000 Label Printerpng
In order for labels and tags to be identified correctly, they first need to be encoded with relevant data using UHF enabled label printers. Popular label printer manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies and Printronix TSC have to date provided some of the widest range of RFID encoding hardware with options available within both the small desktop range and also the larger & faster Industrial printer models.

Making your data secure is also a key factor to consider and so choosing hardware with the correct encryption protocols in place will ensure you achieve that.

RFID Enabled Mobile Computers

Unitech HT510AU UHF ReaderjpgJanam XT2 with UHF Sledjpg
Within the mobile computer market, the options are truly far and wide with portable devices that are designed to be dedicated UHF (& barcode) readers, as well as the slightly more versatile PDA style touch computer models that have a convenient clip on sled option available that quickly transforms them into a UHF equipped RFID reading solution.

Most popular AIDC manufacturers have offerings within this category that vary in terms of cost, rugged build specifications and read ranges. Manufacturers such as Janam Technologies & Unitech provide users with both Premium and more affordable options to choose from.


Handheld Portable RFID Readers

Unitech RP901 UHF Bluetooth Readerjpg   Datalogic DLR-BT001 UHFjpg

If you simply need to read tags into an open application your Tablet or Laptop PC then you may want to consider the lower cost of ownership associated with a handheld reader that connects to the host hardware via a simple Bluetooth connection.

These fully portable devices are compact & lightweight options to consider however this smaller form factor comes at the expense of any extended read ranges with a mximum of approximately 1 metre achievable depending upon the tag type deployed.

Fixed Position RFID Readers


Fixed position reading hardware provides you with the best possible options for ensuring that you can achieve the maximum read ranges achievable using UHF technology. Fixed position 'Gateways' can achieve impressive read ranges of up to 10 metres away and when located at key stategic points they will ensure that UHF tags attacjed to Goods, Assets or even Personnel are identified automatically whenever they come within range.

Smaller desktop readers are available that can perform the same bsic task of reading but of course these operate using lower power consumptions and naturally have shorter read ranges associated with them too.

RFID Labels & Tags


UHF Labels and tags literally come in all shapes and sizes and ensuring you find the correct one for your application is a key element to ensuring that the project works as required. Zebra Technologies provide an impressive range of paper and synthetic based materials for their UHF labels in various sizes.

It's worth noting of course that not all UHF tags are compatible with thermal transfer label printer encoders and there is a wide range of industrial grade transponders available from the likes of Siemens and Xerafy that can operate as unique identifiers using their chip serial number (CSN). These tags are suitable for use on metal (and non metal) objects such as Hand Tooling, Vehicles, Shipping Containers & Pallets etc

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