Datalogic Handscanner - Wearable Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner


Datalogic Handscanner - Wearable Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner

Part # HS7500SR - The new Datalogic HandScanner range is the lightest (40g) and smallest (50x45x16mm) wearable hand scanning solution available on the market!

With a standard scan range of between 10 cm to 80 cm, and capable of decoding all standard 1D and 2D barcodes, a fully charged unit can last almost two working shifts, running up to 15 hours and 10,000 scans and takes only 2 hours to fully recharge. This makes it the ideal cordless wearable scanner solution for any type of busy warehouse picking operation or manufacturing plant.

Additional items: Charging station (MC-HS7500) and hand trigger glove (TR10-HS7500)  the ergonomic bilateral thumb trigger provides an optimum fit due to the variable Velcro fastener.

The trigger glove can also be worn over other gloves --- Materials: 64% polyester, 36% nylon so is less intrusive than ring scanners because it's thinner and is positioned to be worn and used on the back of the hand where it is less exposed to break up impacts than ring scanners.

Also available in right or left hand version and different sizes S, M, L

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