Accuratus K82E Rugged Mini Keyboard & Backlight (USB)


Accuratus K82E Rugged Mini Keyboard with Backlight (USB)

The Accuratus K82E is a space saving mini keyboard with a special sealed ruggedised rubber keyboard designed specifically for industrial, medical, in-vehicle use and environments which are dusty, dirty and wet or work areas that are badly lit. The K82E’s keys although slimline and rubber are still very tactile for touch typing, they are extremely durable especially to alcohol cleaning solutions when used in a medical environment. The low profile ruggedised keys allow for simple and easy cleaning so to prevent any build up of dirt and germs.

All key legends on the K82E have red illumination, with 8 levels of brightness, this keyboard can be used in low light or complete darkness with no problem seeing any of the key legends. The K82E can withstand most things you throw at it, being made of a high quality material which offers the perfect combination of practicality, durability, comfort and flexibility. The K82E is ideal for many other situations; Factories, Warehouses, Garages, Workshops, , Laboratories, Food Environments, On board boats etc

Keyboard Features:

• USB ‘plug and play’ connection (PS/2 connection available on request)
• Black case and keys (other colours made on request)
• Mini UK key layout including buttons to adjust backlight brightness
• FN key to multiplex some keys for a number pad like on a laptop
• Keys have a tactile feel to allow for comfortable and natural typing
• Durable and ruggedised low profile keys, allow for simple and easy cleaning
• Red LED backlighting, with 8 levels of backlight illuminating each key legend
• Clear easy read key legends, easy to read even in complete darkness
• Durable against alcohol cleaning solutions when used in a medical environment
• Designed so that there are no areas around keys that dirt and germs can collect
• Same dimensions as our K82A keyboard
• Sealed silicone casing, dust, water and chemical resistant, IP65 rated
• Status LED's (Caps, Num & Scroll Lock)
• Brown box environment friendly packaging
• EAN 13 Barcode No. 5060055463583
• 1 Year Warranty
• Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10

Physical Specifications
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 282 x 132 x 27mm
• Weight: 518g
• Cable Length: 1.8 M